Rose Garden Book 2: Media Frenzy Release


In just four days, the second book the seven-part serial thriller, The Rose Garden Arena Incident will hit online booksellers everywhere. Monday, October 17.

It's called Media Frenzy, and pre-reviews are sitting at a solid five stars! It's a good book, if I do say so myself and, at ninety-nine cents, it's a bargain. Scoop up this one and the first one, Mosh Pit now. It's a good time to do so because, as I said previously, Mosh Pit is now free!


Michael Out



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Award-winning author of many highly acclaimed novels and short stories. He is the author of Dream with Little Angels (Kensington, 2013) and upcoming The Rose Garden Arena Incident (a serial thriller in seven parts). Two time winner of the prestigious Surrey International Writers' Conference Storyteller award, Joyce Carol Oates listed his work as being one of the fifty most distinguished stories published in The Best American Mystery Stories 2005. Michael likes to blog about the craft of writing, discussion on works in progress and the work of other writers (especially Indies), and he loves to hear from his readers. "There's something mesmerizing about Hiebert's storytelling voice, low-pitched and slightly musical." —The New York Times Book Review

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