Well, it’s been a while since I posted. I know, I’ve probably lost even the few followers of this blog I have. I really need to rethink my social media strategy. Problem is, even something like that takes time, and I have been super busy actually writing.What have I been writing? Well, the latest news is that I rewrote a novel I originally drafted probably six years ago called The Rose Garden Arena Incident. It was good then, it’s great now. I have completely rewritten this book from scratch now three times. The first time it came out at 95,000 words. The second time, 140,000 (my biggest to date at that point). This time around, I just third drafted to 177,000 words, making it currently the second longest novel I’ve ever written. My agent, along with a few other people who’ve read the now finished book, say it’s far and Read more →

Dream with Little Angels MMP

In May 2016, Kensington will be releasing the mass market paperback edition of Dream with Little Angels. That’s a month before the fourth book, Sticks and Stones will hit bookstore shelves. At the back of the Dream paperback, one will find the first three chapters of Sticks. Exciting stuff! For anyone who hasn’t yet read Dream or seen the book, here’s the backside copy: “Michael Hiebert’s aremarkable debut novel tells the riveting story of a small southern town haunted by tragedy, one brave woman’s struggle to put a troubling mystery to rest—and its impact on the sensitive boy who comes of age in the midst of it all… You can find the rest of the plot summary all over this site 🙂 Just go hunting and I’m sure you’ll stumble over it. The links on the right are a good place to start 🙂 Michael out. No related posts.

Sticks & Stones – The Draft that Never Ends

Some of you know about this. Others may not. For the past year, I have been working on the fourth Alvin, Alabama book, called STICKS AND STONES. in a way, it kind of resembles A THORN AMONG THE LILIES a bit. It’s about a serial killer called The Stickman who was active fifteen years before the story opens—before detective Leah Teal was ever even a part of the Alvin Police force. Here’s a quick little synopsis: The case was headed up by Leah’s daddy, Joe Fowler, the then detective of the Alvin Police. Fowler became the public face of the entire Stickman taskforce and, as he did with all his cases, he took this one personally. After some time, it even got more personal as The Stickman kicked things up a notch. The MO was strange but very consistent. The nine victims whose lives were taken by The Stickman showed Read more →

Blog Swap: Garth Pettersen

Today, my fellow writer and good friend Garth Pettersen and I are doing a blog swap. Garth is a great sculptor of words and a diligent researcher. His first two novels are action-packed adventure stories set in an accurately-portrayed backdrop in the middle ages. His short fiction tends to border more to the eclectic, edgy, and quirky. So much so, when he sent this blog post to me, he actually suggested it might be too risqué for this site. My site. Most of you have read through some of my rants that border on being the writings of an hysterical maniac. No Garth, I think you’re safe.So, with just a bit further ado, please enjoy this view into Mr. Garth Pettersen’s head (a rather scary place I suspect, complete with cobwebs and bats) and pop over to Garth’s blog to check out my post after you do. Titles and Titillation Read more →

Updated Website, Fresh Technology

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The good part: I’ve updated my email system to MailChimp which allows me to better serve you content that you’re interested in. The bad news is that anybody who’s already signed up for getting my Blogzone entries in their email, have to resubmit on the new form below. You’ll also find it on my Blogzone Page.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
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