Beginning Writers’ Webinar: The Five Point Climax

This webinar discusses a five point climax, based on the one Blake Snyder describes in Save the Cat! Strikes Back. If you haven’t read the Save the Cat! series of books, I highly recommend them. Once again, they’re written for screenplay writers, but pretty much all of the information provided crosses over to writing books. Most of my favorite writing books are books for screenwriters. Actually, I think that might make a good future webinar post: My Favorite Writing Books… and Why.

As always, please let me know your thoughts about this series of webinars as well as any topics you might want to see discussed. I’m hoping these are helpful for some of you.

Michael out.

New Webinar Series for Beginning Writers

Now that my site is back together again (other than a few twiddly bits I want to add but I’m at the mercy of the 80/20 rule–the last 20% is taking the longest to learn), I thought I would take a break from my usual blog posting and put up a series of webinars for beginning writers. I suppose these tips aren’t just for beginners, they very well might help anyone. Sometimes, as writers, we get so caught up in our work, we don’t see the forest for the clear cutting. This is the first one, and it discusses a Seven Point Plot Outline made for writing short stories that work.

I would really appreciate some feedbacks on these videos as I go along, and if you want something specific covered, just say the word and it shall be my command. Hopefully, I don’t stammer too much. I have speakinginpublicaphobia, although, this isn’t exactly like speaking in public.

Oh well, whatever doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger. Right?

Michael out.

Thorn Cover_400pxhigh

The third book in the Alvin mystery series will be released at the beginning of July this year. A Thorn Among the Lilies is the most exciting title in the series to date. Fans of Abe, Dewey, Leah, and Carry won’t want to miss this one.

From the back cover: “Detective Leah Teal is privy to most of the secrets in her hometown of Alvin, but there are always surprises to be had. Like the day she agrees to take her daughter, Caroline, to see a psychic for a reading. The psychic hones in on Leah instead, hinting at a string of gruesome killings and insisting that Leah intervenes to prevent more deaths.

When you go looking for trouble, you never know how much you’ll find. Sure enough, the psychic’s scant clues lead Leah to a cold case from six years ago. A young woman was found shot to death in nearby woods, her eyelids sewn shut and her arms brutally broken. As Leah digs deeper into old files from neighboring towns, a second unsolved case surfaces with the same grisly pattern, then a third. While her shrewd young son, Abe, observes from the sidelines, Leah races to prevent another horrific murder, unaware of just how deep the roots of evill can go.

Taut, suspenseful, and rich in Southern atmosphere, A Thorn Among the Lilies is a mesmerizing novel of loss and vengeance, and the lengths some will go to out of loyalty and love.

“In Michael Hiebert’s haunting and powerful novel, a long-ago tragedy echoes through small-town Alabama as one woman tries to track down a serial killer.”

With the release of A Thorn Among the Lilies, Kensington will be dropping the price of the e-book versions of Close to the Broken Hearted and Dream with Little Angels to $13.50 and $12.99, respectively.

Close to the Broken Hearted 500

The long-awaited sequel to Dream with Little Angels was released last year to very good reviews. Close to the Broken Hearted takes readers back to Alvin to spend more time with Abe, Dewey, and Leah as they find themselves in a whole lot of new trouble.

From the inside cover flap: “In this riveting new novel from Michael Hiebert, a killer’s release is the catalyst for shocking revelations in a small Southern town. . .”

“A third person voice that not only invites but warmly welcomes readers into the small town of Alvin…Hiebert does a masterful job at building suspense.”
–Publishers Weekly

And then, of course, there was the book that kicked the series off. Dream with Little Angels started it all…

“There’s something mesmerizing about Hiebert’s storytelling voice, low-pitched and lightly musical.”
– The New York Times Book Review

“Manages to soar as a moving achievement. . . In Hiebert’s sure hands, psychological insight and restrained lyricism combine to create a coming-of-age tale as devastating as it is indelible.”
– Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

“Gorgeous prose and some thoughtful characterizations, with attention given to theme and setting. . . Michael Hiebert’s debut delivers. . . a breathless, will-they-get-there-in-time affair, with a heartbreaking resolution. Hiebert’s skill at character and storytelling should take him a long way.”
– Mystery Scene

Dream with Little Angels Cover

“This book captured me from page one. It’s honest, it’s raw, and it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long, long while.”
– Lisa Jackson, New York Times bestselling author

“Hiebert has an authentic Southern voice and his protagonist is as engaging as Harper Lee’s Scout. A masterful coming-of-age gem.
– Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author

“A trip to the dark side of a town much like Mayberry, filled with that elusive quality of childhood and the aura of safety that often settles, unjustifiably, over rural small towns in the South.”
– Carolyn Haines, 2010 Recipient of the Harper Lee Award for Alabama’s Distinguished Writers

You can find more reviews of this and all my work by visiting here.