The Humongous Mosh Pit Contest

With less than a month left before the roll­out of Mosh Pit, book 1 of The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent, I am hold­ing a con­test with over $600 in cash and prizes. The con­test has an affil­i­ate link, so if you repost it any­where and some­one uses the link to enter them­selves, you get a sec­ond entry auto­mat­i­cally. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out here.[/p]

Monthly Cover / Title Reveals

Starting September 1st: Monthly Cover Reveal!s

Septem­ber 1st we’ll be unveil­ing the final cover for book three of The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent, along with the title. Fol­low­ing that, for the next four months, each new cover and title will be revealed at the begin­ning of the month. Be sure to tune in Octo­ber 1st for book four, Novem­ber 1st for book five, Decem­ber 1st for book six, and New Year’s Day for the sev­enth and final book of the serial thriller.

Huge News!

Coming Sept 19: My Newest Work

The Rose Garden Arena Incident
A Serial Thriller in Seven Parts


Mosh Pit (The Rose Garden Arena Incident, Book 1)

My newest novel, The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent is being writ­ten and released as a seven-part serial thriller. The parts will come out in sep­a­rate Kindle ebooks and Audi­ble audio­books with the first one being released Sep­tem­ber 19. After that, install­ments will fol­low roughly a month apart. Cur­rently, the first two books, Mosh Pit and Media Frenzy are avail­able for pre­order from Ama­zon.

Media Frenzy (The Rose Garden Arena Incident, Book 2)

This is far and away my most ambi­tions and best work ever. The story is incred­i­bly com­plex with a big cast of indeli­ble char­ac­ters. So far, beta reader response has been incred­i­ble. Which reminds me, if any­body would like an Advanced Reader Copy to review on their blogs, web­site, or else­where, just let me know. My email is all over the place on this site, but just in case you can’t find it, you can reach me at


For more infor­ma­tion, check out The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent, or click on the cov­ers to pre­order from Ama­zon.

Website Update

Well, as you can prob­a­bly notice, things are chang­ing on the web­site front. Hope­fully for the bet­ter, although at this point I am so frus­trated I want to just tear my hair out and go back to com­mu­ni­cat­ing with two tin cans and a piece of string cov­ered in can­dle wax. Did that ever actu­ally work? Will my site? Stay tuned for the answers to all these ques­tions and more…

Seri­ously, though. I think it is look­ing bet­ter. I need to stream­line every­thing. The way I have it now, any­thing I blog and post as “News” shows up on my front page. This is all great and will be a won­der­ful time saver, how­ever, I’d really like to be able to make one or more posts “sticky” so it/they stay at the front of the pack. Not sure how to do that or even if I can with­out rewrit­ing sig­nif­i­cant por­tions of my Word­Press site. And, even though I used to pro­gram video games in a pre­vi­ous life? I can barely han­dle the mod­icum of CSS (never mind the PHP) needed to make even these sub­tle changes. Wow, become a pro­fes­sional writer for four­teen years and twenty odd years of com­puter sci­ence just gets thrown to the wolves.

Any­way, you’re prob­a­bly going to see a bit of rep­e­ti­tion in my posts of things you’ve already seen on my home page as I try to get the infor­ma­tion back up on the front that I had. I apol­o­gize in advance for this incon­ve­nience.


Micheal out.

Cowgirls and Bullets, Songs and Sorrow, Creepshows and Car Wrecks

Works in Progress

Rose Garden Arena Meme A

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I have a great excuse this time. I have been busy. I mean, super busy. What have I been work­ing on? Well, for starters, I am more than halfway through a quirky lit­tle mys­tery story with some SF ele­ments that kind of reminds me of a sort of “edgy GONE GIRL meets JUNO.” Fun­nier than snot, it’s hard to describe. The cur­rent work­ing title is Break­ing Up Is Hard To Do, but I don’t really like it, so I doubt it will stay attached to the book through to the end. It should be released some­time around the begin­ning of next sum­mer.

I’m also rewrit­ing a book I’ve been dab­bling with for a few years called Lab Rats. This is a fairly big mul­ti­ple char­ac­ter tale with a sto­ry­line that twists and turns and inter­sects itself so many times it’s crazy. Cause always pre­cedes effect, but it’s not always imme­di­ately obvi­ous what the cause was, or even whether or not the result­ing effect was inten­tional. I know I’m being pur­posely vague, but I want to wait until I’m a lit­tle closer to releas­ing it before giv­ing away too many teasers. If all goes well, it should come out a year from this Sep­tem­ber. Just in time for a good fall read or a Christ­mas gift for those on your list who like my work.

Rose Garden Arena Meme B

Some­time before the end of this year, I will be doing a rere­lease of my first short story col­lec­tion, Some­times the Angels Weep. This Sec­ond Edi­tion will come out in trade paper­back and Kindle ebook ver­sions. It sports a new, much nicer, cover and con­tains over 20,000 words of added con­tent. That’s like the third of the size of nor­mal nov­els. I’m doing this for a num­ber of rea­sons, not the least of which is so that it is set up and its cover matches my sec­ond short story col­lec­tion, Sneak­ers that will be com­ing out some­time in the fall of 2017. Keep your eyes open and check back here for more infor­ma­tion on all these upcom­ing projects as their sched­ules get closer.

Or, bet­ter yet, make sure you’re a mem­ber of my VIP Club by sim­ply enter­ing your email address in the green form at the top of the side­bar just right of where you’re look­ing at this (or after all the posts if you are on a mobile device). Not only does being a mem­ber keep you updated to new books that are com­ing out, you also get access to a “secret” part of this site con­tain­ing all kinds of free stuff. And it’s good stuff, too. Free sto­ries, free audio­books, deleted sce­nes. You’ll also be eli­gi­ble for spe­cial offers and crazy pro­mo­tions and a whole lot more. And if you’re wor­ried about my spam­ming your email box, for­get about it. I’m much too atten­tion­ally-deficite to send out more than an email every month or two. Seri­ously.


The Rose Garden Arena Incident

Cover MOSH PIT-10 500px tall

Now for my big news (and you already know what this is, since I put it in the title and threw the memes in the pre­vi­ous sec­tion). It’s the thing that keep­ing me busiest right now, is my seven part serial thriller, The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent. The nine books are being released as kindle ebooks and Audi­ble audio­books. Eric Bryan Moore (who is just a fab­u­lous reader) is doing the nar­ra­tion. Each of the books will be released roughly a month apart. I’m hop­ing to have the fourth book in the can before the first one comes out Sep­tem­ber 19, but that may be a pipe dream.

Speak­ing of the first book, it just had a last min­ute name and cover change. It is now called Mosh Pit. Both it and the sec­ond book, Media Frenzy are already avail­able for pre­order on Ama­zon. Click either of the book cov­ers see more.

Far and away, The Rose Gar­den Arena Inci­dent is my most ambi­tious and—so far, at least—best writ­ing project to date. With an ensem­ble cast, each char­ac­ter has his or her own voice and their own story, but their sto­ries weave intri­cately together as they fol­low each other through the eight days lead­ing up to Dakota Shane’s fate­ful Sat­ur­day night con­cert where every­thing will sud­denly go off the rails, touch­ing and chang­ing every­one involved in ways they can’t pos­si­bly imag­ine.

Cover MEDIA FRENZY-10 500px tall

I’m incred­i­bly excited about this book. I’m writ­ing my ass off try­ing to keep up with my sched­ule. I have a rough draft and a ton of notes and a pretty good out­line, all which should get me through. In fact, I’ve bro­ken things down so well, I can tell you each of the first five books will come in around 24,000 words (about a quar­ter the size of my debut novel, Dream with Lit­tle Angels. The last two books will be pretty much dou­ble-sized, com­ing in between 40,000 and 45,000 words. This should make the story an over­all size of around 180,000 words, or dou­ble the size of Dream. It’s a big story with a lot of vital com­po­nents, but it’s also an atten­tion-grab­bing, focus-riv­et­ing sus­pense thriller that will keep you inter­ested in everyone’s lives for (I hope) a long time. Even after the book has fin­ished.

Feel free (or should I say, please, please, please) share the memes, repost my blog, repost or retwit­ter any­thing of mine that goes out about ROSE GARDEN. You guys are all so awe­some. I am dumb­founded daily by the fan mail and com­ments you leave me. I really want to make sure I can keep writ­ing books and get­ting them out and into your hands.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to post more as I pound out new words through the fol­low­ing weeks. I hope every­one is well.


Michael out.