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Welcome to the official website of Michael Hiebert. That’s me, and this site is a place to come to not only learn more about who I am and the books I write, but to read interesting blog posts (by myself and, often, other writers), and generally just a place full of good energy to hang around a while.

Before you go any further, see the great big green, leafy box on the right asking you to “Join the Club”? Do it. Seriously. Sign up. All I need is your email address, and in return you’ll get access to a whack of free stuff, including free audiobooks, free stories, deleted scenes, and a lot more. And that’s just what’s up there now—I’ll be adding more and more things as time goes on. And if you’re worried I might suddenly start inundating you with emails, don’t be. It’s been two months and so far, I’ve sent one newsletter. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to that sort of thing.

Since the VIP area went active a couple months ago, the response has been nothing short of amazing. I have great fans, let me just say that. And I love all the emails and feedback you’ve been giving me.



Website Good to Go!


I am officially taking down my Under Construction signs. Although there’s still some things I want to add and tweak a bit, for the most part this website is finally back in good shape. It’s much simpler than it was before but, hey, simpler’s good, right? I mean, I’m not trying to teach brain surgery or rocket ship science. I’m just a struggling writer.

Please give me any feedback you can on the site. You can send me an email using the icon on the bottom of every page, or just click on Contact in the menu bar. Tell me your opinion. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you like me to add? And on that note, I think I will leave you to regular programming… Thanks for listening!

Oh, wait! One more thing… if you’re viewing this on a mobile device (especially a phone—I haven’t checked it on my iPad yet), you’ll probably disagree that the site is “good to go.” There are parts—mainly the book pages—that look downright terrible on my phone. I am going to have to write specialized code and reformat specifically for mobile devices. Right now, my plate is insanely full with actual “writing stuff,” so I will get to that in due time. Cross my heart.

And there’s another thing. If you happen to find any mistakes on the site (spelling mistakes, broken links, graphical glitches, whatever), please point them out to me? It’s really hard to be wearing all these different hats and still managing to keep everything in tip top shape.



The Rose Garden Arena Incident

Cover CRASH BAM BOOK-5 1000px

Huge news! My newest novel, The Rose Garden Arena Incident will be released as a seven-part serial thriller. The first two parts, Crash, Bam, Boom and Media Frenzy are already up for preorder on Amazon! The first installment will come out September 18. The second October 20. They will continue to be released month after month until all seven are out.

This is far and away my best work to date. The story is incredibly complex with a big cast of indelible characters. So far, beta reader response has been incredible. Which reminds me, if anybody would like an Advanced Reader Copy to review on their blogs, website, or elsewhere, just let me know. My email is all over the place on this site, but just in case you can’t find it, you can reach me at michael@michaelhiebert.com.


For more information, check out The Rose Garden Arena Incident, or click on the book cover or either of the two book names to preorder from Amazon.



Sticks and Stones


Just wanted to let all you Alvin fans know that the fourth installment in my Alvin, Alabama Mystery series is available. It’s called Sticks and Stones and is more than double the size of any of the rest of the books in the story so far. So that means double the Abe and Dewey and double the Carry and Jonathon and double the Leah and Dan. There’s also a fairly shocking twist and surprise in this one that is going to affect the entire rest of the series as I continue writing them. It really is a shocker, but that’s about as close to a spoiler as you’re going to get.


Fifteen years ago, a serial killer tagged by the media as the Stickman spread terror throughout Alabama and became Alvin detective Joe Fowler’s obsession. After fifteen months and nine victims, Harry Stork was identified as the Stickman and Fowler shot him dead. The killings stopped. For a while.


Now, more bodies are turning up, each staked through the chest with a stick-figure drawing in the killer’s signature style. Detective Leah Teal—Joe Fowler’s daughter and Alvin’s sole detective—receives a letter before each victim is found, just like her late father did. The only people who knew about the letters were the cops on the task force back then—and the killer himself. Did Joe shoot the wrong man, or was one of the detectives he handpicked involved all along? As a single mother, Leah tries to balance an increasingly disturbing case and a new relationship with caring for her children—bright, perceptive Abe, and teenaged Caroline, who’s in the first flush of young love. But with each menacing communication, each gruesome discovery, Leah realizes just how personal, and how devastating, the truth may be.


Weaving lyrical prose and emotional richness into a taut, gripping mystery, Michael Hiebert creates a fascinating novel of life, love, and death in a small Southern town.”


You can order Sticks and Stones from Amazon by clicking on the cover.



Nashville Beaumont and The Hyperbole Engine

Audible Cover 400px wideTwo stories available in one Kindle book for just $ .99 cents. They’re also available on Audible, where you can hear them being expertly read by the incomparable Eric Bryan Moore.

Both stories are SF (one is light military SF) and will give readers of my Alvin books an idea of what the rest of my oeuvre looks like. I tend to be quite diverse in genres. I think Nashville Beaumont is easily in the top ten best stories I’ve written (and y’all don’t have any idea yet how many things I’ve written. Let’s just say it’s a lot.


“My name is Nashville Beaumont. I am twelve years old and few people know I exist. I was born in a secret underground facility in Texas. My twin sister, Providence, was taken away weeks ago. I can’t remember her face. I don’t even know for sure if I ever saw her after we were born. Likely, they separated us right at birth. But I will find her, and when I do, I will Kidar Frenzid, the man who made me watch as he killed my entire family, one at a time.

Some of my memories, I believe, may have been tampered with, but these things I know are true. I will find Providence and I will kill Kidar Frenzid. And I amNashville Beaumont, I am twelve years old, and I… I am a weapon.”


A tale full of twists and high-stakes adventure, Nashville Beaumont takes you all the way from Texas to Argentina, to the moon, and even on to places far off in the galaxy. His faith in himself is pushed way beyond its limits as he struggles to free his sister from the hands of a bloodthirsty madman, discovering along the way that the very world he lives on is in jeopardy. To save it, Nashville must learn to discern his friends from his enemies. Not an easy task when people have been poking around in your mind, changing memories, fabricating truths, and hiding deep, dark lies.


Also in this volume is the bonus story, The Hyperbole Engine:


“I’m on my way back from the Proog System when I spot a place that looks inviting. Not too crowded, not too bright. Somewhere I can just sit, have a drink, and lay low for a while. Of course this is all shattered ten minutes after I take my seat when I’m accosted by three others. They start asking me questions. Questions I don’t want to answer, like, ‘Where have you been?” And, “Where’re you headed?” And of course, the ubiquitous, “What are you looking for?”

They guess me to be an ISF agent. I don’t tell them if they’re right or if they’re wrong. I just let it go by. Then they guess that I’ve been dispatched to figure out what happened to the Hyperbole Engine. That’s when it all starts to get predictable as they each pontificate the details of what they think the Hyperbole Engine actually is. It’s funny really, because nobody really knows. Well, that’s not entirely true. But most people certainly don’t know. Right now, though, I’m just hoping to get out of this place in one piece. Oh, and if I manage to get the girl? That’s just a bonus.”


To order a copy from Amazon, just click on the cover.


Do know, however, that Nashville Beaumont is featured in my short story collect Sometimes the Angels Weep, so if you’ve already got that book, you’ve probably already read it. The Hyperbole Engine originally appeared in the DAW anthology Cosmic Cocktails, along with another short story of mine, Favio deMarco. I believe that book is now out of print, so this is probably the only way to read it.